The following invention represents a possibility to identify infusions when administered by an injection pump. The method involves a combination of Raman spectroscopy and refractometry. Both methods of analysis are based on instrumental analysis. Furthermore, algorithms are used for the evaluation which can be assigned to indirect hard modelling and statistics.

The problem of incorrect medications and infusion solutions in hospitals is well known. With a clear identification, for which both Raman spectroscopy and refractometry are necessary, wrong medications can be detected by the invention presented here and can then be prevented by medical personnel. When comparing the results of the analysis with the hospital IT, a further service (such as e.g. drug intolerance) is available which can trigger an alarm. So far, all attempts to reduce medication errors have been based on non-technical solutions, for example the use of barcode systems. (Figure: Study of an automated analyzer for the identification of infusion solution in a syringe).




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