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The invention deals with laser transmission welding of glass fiber reinforced polymers or unreinforced polymers with CFRTP. The absorption of the laser beam occurs mainly on the carbon fibers, thus, adding additives for absorption is not necessary.

Different joining techniques for reinforced composites exist. Among them are the use of adhesives, rivets, induction welding, electric resistance welding or ultrasonic welding. All the available processing techniques have certain limitations. Adhesive bonds need extensive steps for surface preparation and cannot be tested for stability without destruction. Induction welding works only on conductive materials. Electric resistance welding uses a conductive mesh at the welding area which constrains the achievable geometries and remains in the material after welding. The necessity of adding absorbing additives to the joining partners is also a frequent problem with laser transmission welding. Figure (Scheme of the laser transmission welding (Source: Peter Jäschke, LZH))


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